Sarah Frederickson

Is removal really the answer?

In 1 on March 11, 2010 at 12:40 am

Michelle Obama has recently released her new incentive to address childhood obesity.  Mimi Hall and Nancy Hellmich describe the details about her plan in the February 9 article on USA Today online:

I think this particular movement is extremely necessary at this point in time.  Obesity rates have been rising at a rapid rate in both adults and children.  Children are now being diagnosed with Type II diabetes which used to be named “adult onset diabetes” as it took many years for people to develop it.  Now it is seen in children as young as 10 years old.  We need to educate people and take some steps to reverse and prevent these dangerous conditions.

One rather controversial idea is that vending machines should be removed in schools.  Michelle Obama believes that the machines should either be removed or the items in the vending machines should be healthy choices.

I think this could make a positive difference in school cafeterias, but what about when the children are out in the real world?  Once they leave school grounds, do they know how to make healthy choices and reduce consumption of unhealthy temptations?  I think that young students should be educated on the benefits of making the right choices.  Controlling what the children can eat may even backfire and make them want to buy those foods after school.  Should we really try to control people’s lives?  Or should we put our energy into nutrition education?


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