Sarah Frederickson

What is wellness?

In 1 on April 20, 2010 at 7:11 pm

According to the textbook Concepts of Fitness and Wellness by Charles B. Corbin, Gregory Welk, William Corbin, and Karen A. Welk:

Wellness is the integration of many different components (social, emotional-mental, spiritual, and physical) that expand one’s potential to live (quality of life) and work effectively and to make a significant contribution to society.  Wellness reflects how one feels (a sense of well-being) about life, as well as one’s ability to function effectively.  Wellness, as opposed to illness (a negative) is sometimes described as the positive component of good health.

In shorter terms, wellness is the positive component of health that is made up of several dimensions that increase one’s quality of life.

The focus of my blog, which is eating creatively and nutritiously, is mainly supporting physical health and wellness.  Having good nutrition supports physical health in that it aids in keeping your physiological systems (like your heart) free from illness and disease.  Being disease free helps you to meet the demands of a days work and enjoy a good quality of life.

Looking at my creative eating approach from a more abstract point of view, it can also be considered a form of stress relief.  For me, getting creative with food is fun and the final product is very rewarding (usually!).  I think of cooking as a form of art, which has always been my main way of relieving stress and getting my mind off of the realities of every day life.  Putting thought into meal choices also helps you to appreciate each bite more than you would have had someone else done all the work.

Find an appealing recipe and see what getting creative with food can do for you.


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