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UNH Wellness Fair (Event)

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2010 at 1:55 am

Creative Eating Display

A few weeks ago, I attended (and participated) in a UNH event – the UNH Wellness Fair. Several vendors attended this event to promote their healthy products.  In addition to vendors, there were several projects set up to promote living a healthy lifestyle—these included drug and alcohol awareness, nutritious eating, Guiding Stars, and more.

My favorite vendor was Stoneyfield yogurt which was paired with Grandy Oats granola. I tried Stoneyfield’s greek style yogurt called “Oikos” and was very impressed!  Also, my favorite Grandy Oats granola was the Cinnamon Apple Crisp Flavor. Both Stoneyfield and Grandy Oats products are delicious and use 100% organic ingredients.

One table featured Kettle Cooked chips that were offered in a variety of flavors.  I tried the Honey Dijon, Sweet Onion, and Original Potato chips (all so tasty 🙂 ).  Some attending students mentioned to me that it was weird to see a potato chip vendor at an event about wellness.  I took this opportunity to explain how everything is good in moderation.  It is okay to treat yourself to a couple chips here and there – and if you’re going to eat them…why not go with the all-natural Kettle Cooked chips?

My contribution to the event was sharing and promoting my Creative Eating project. I attracted many different crowds and made some great professional connections. I loved being a part of this event because it made me realize how much I really value educating the public.  It’s a good feeling to know you’re in the right place!


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