Sarah Frederickson

Organic…or not?

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2010 at 6:58 pm

A question my friends always asked me: What exactly should I buy organic?

Knowledge changes every day about this topic, but we do have some information regarding the amount of pesticides used on certain produce.  This can lead us to make the decisions for ourselves. provides us with the “Clean15” which is a list of the produce that are safe to not buy organic.  They are:

  1. Onions
  2. Avocado
  3. Sweet Corn
  4. Pineapple
  5. Mangos
  6. Sweet Peas
  7. Asparagus
  8. Kiwi
  9. Cabbage
  10. Eggplant
  11. Cantaloupe
  12. Watermelon
  13. Grapefruit
  14. Sweet Potato
  15. Honeydew Melon

Go to the following link to read more and get some creative recipes for each of the Clean 15:

The following are the 12 “Dirty Dozen” foods that you should purchase organic to avoid pesticides:

  1. Celery
  2. Peaches
  3. Strawberries
  4. Apples
  5. Blueberries
  6. Nectarines
  7. Bell Peppers
  8. Spinach
  9. Kale
  10. Cherries
  11. Potatoes
  12. Grapes (imported)


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