Sarah Frederickson

Meatless Meals

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Spicy Black Bean Panini

This week in the dining halls, we will be focusing on going meatless.  Leaving out the meat not only reduces saturated fat intake but can make more room on your plate for more fibrous and filling choices like vegetables and fruits.  Going meatless doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment – just give it a shot a couple times a week!

The picture above shows a great meatless meal example – it consists of spinach, corn, tomatoes, black beans, hot sauce, swiss cheese, whole wheat bread, and apple slices on the side!  It’s both delicious & filling!


Portion Sizes

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Last week, we had some success in the dining hall in educating about portion sizes.  We had some great visuals and also had a quick game that students could play that involved estimating portion sizes – most students did really well and had fun 🙂 Remember to be conscious of how much food you are actually putting on your plate – it all adds up fast!

Power-Up with Breakfast!

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Egg Sandwich with Apple Slices

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  It kick-starts your metabolism, makes you feel energized, gives you brain power, and keeps you from overeating at lunchtime.  Many students skip breakfast, so educating on this topic was important.  When we were in the dining halls, we provided visuals with creative breakfast ideas and informational handouts and brochures to motivate the non-breakfast eaters!